Cascade Carvers
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Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!


       We have it in stock, we'll ship it today!

 Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!    

We serve a large community of carving shows, Rendezvous, and opportunities for classes.


Orders are shipped by USPS  priority mail that will reach the customer in 2-3 days.  

Heavy items that require a surcharge may come by regular mail and take a bit longer.


Guarantee:  SIMPLE.  Your complete satisfaction or we will replace the item or refund the money, your option.  

Every item we sell  is something I have used myself  or that has been recommended by a carving friend.   

Announcing a new GALLERY of Customer's Carvings

Hello Carver!   When you finish your project, please consider sharing it on our Open Carvers Gallery.

 EMAIL to, and attach your picture.  Let me know what you'd like for your Caption

CLEAN JOKES:  Chuckld\e while you carve!                         

 What does a Dentist call the pictures of his patients teeth?

             ( Tooth pics!)

What does a sick bird need?           


How many skunks does it take to make a really big stink?

       ( A PHEW)