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Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!

Image Title: Ron's Relief,
Ron's Relief, "Red Beard"


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 Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!    We are open for your business now.

We serve a large community of carving shows, Rendezvous, and opportunities for classes.


Orders are shipped by USPS  priority mail that will reach the customer in 2-3 days.  

Heavy items that require a surcharge may come by regular mail and take a bit longer.


Guarantee:  SIMPLE.  Your complete satisfaction or we will replace the item or refund the money, your option.  

Every item we sell  is something I have used myself  or that has been recommended by a carving friend.   







Clean Jokes: Chuckle while you carve

The wolf is shaved                        Folks wouldn't feel           T'would be more fun
so neat and trim                            So much danger                To go by air
Little Red Riding Hood                  If we still had                     If we could put
Is chasing him!                              The ol' Lone Ranger            These signs up there!

  Burma Shave                                    Burma Shave                     Burma Shave

So many great carving projects keep coming along,

 I have a whole shelf of "UFO'S".....(Un-Finished Objects) 

          I never finish anythi  !










Upcoming Events

Sep 12- Sep 15 :  9:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Oregon Woodcarver's Rendezvous Silverton, OR

Many 3 hour classes offered during the day’s multiple sessions. There will also be 3 - day classes with 1 - 3 hour session each on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. This will allow the participant to also attend one of the other class sessions each day. Some of the topics being discussed for the 2 or 3-day classes are: butternut duck, nutcracker,walking stick class, Kaler Howard and Donna Miller’s sessions in woodburningsimilar classes. The 3 three hour sessions could include chip carving, caricature carvings, wood burning and othr classes etc. There will also be a raffle, so be thinking about a possible donation. More information will be sent to those registered. Please remember to return your class choices sheet with your registration sheet.

The per person registration package costs are as follows: Thursday Lunch 1 night with 3 meals $ 55.00 $9.00 + registration fees 2 nights with 6 meals $ 110.00 You MUST preregister for 3 nights with 9 meals $ 153.00 this lunch by September 1st 4 day Commuter Package $ 109.00 (Day fees and meals) The above package prices include the day use fees. Registration day use fees are $8.00 per day per person. Meals are as follows: Breakfast $8.00 Lunch $9.00 Dinner $11.00 There is a $25.00 non-refundable cancellation fee.  All checks must be made out to Canyonview Camp.

 For more information, email Everett Koontz at 

Sep 14- Sep 15 :  - 5:00 AM
Columbia Flyway Wildlife Show 2019
Water Resources Education Center , 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661

Come by and visit the  Cascade Carvers Supply  Booth!

PURCHASE AWARDS for the "Drake Ringneck Duck"  First Place: $400 ,   Second Place $300,  Third Place $200.
There will be no restrictions on painting. Realistic painting is encouraged. Entries will be judged in the pool. The first, second, and third place birds will be purchased by Washington Ducks Unlimited. Birds will be auctioned at the Washington State Ducks Unlimited State Banquet.

A variety of classes will be offered both days. 

This show has the reputation as the premier wildlife carving show and competition in the Northwest.  

This event will provide a dynamic area for display of the carvings and also provide a great place to float hunting decoys which are carved to resemble the live birds.

The facility at the beautiful Water Resources Education Center on the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington has every amenity that an art show focusing on wildlife sculpture could ask for. 
The show focuses on hand carved, textured, and painted wood sculptures of birds, fish, and mammals in fifteen competitive divisions. This year NW Coastal Carvings are an additional category.



Sep 27- Sep 29 :  9:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Salvation Army Center, 222 E. Indiana St, Spokane WA

Juried show and a Large Raffle!
Registration is Friday.
Prospectus available at, or from, or call 509-244-3467

Ron Lunde  of  Cascade Carver's Supply,  will be the featured carver this year.  



Oct 12- Oct 13 :  10:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Waller Road Grange, WA. 2708 East 64th St East, Tacoma, WA


Carvers compete at six skill levels for ribbon and cash awards. Carving experts present demonstrations on various carving topics and answer all your questions.
There are also raffles, seminars, and an evening banquet and auction (reservations required). . Some woodcarvings will be for sale.

Show Features

  • Juried Gallery
  • Ribbons & Cash Awards
  • Free Demos
  • Raffles
  • Auction
  • Carver's Choice Award
  • People's Choice Award
  • Banquet (by reservation)
  • Woodcarving Sales
  • Tools, Books, & Wood for sale



46-1387 OCC Wide Bent Scoop  #7 x 1

46-1387 OCC Wide Bent Scoop #7 x 1" wide

Works well on RELIEF projects, or to scoop out Spoons and bowls.   $25.00
This is a specialty gouge, recently developed by OCC and hard to find!

View the other scoops, bents and doglegs in "PRODUCTS" >  "Gouges and V Tools" >  "OCC and Drake"

$ 25.00

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 46-1191 Right Hand Spoon/Scoop Knife

46-1191 Right Hand Spoon/Scoop Knife

The SIDEWINDER will scoop out the "rounds."
Especially good for carvers of Decorative Spoons and bowls.
Choose Right-Handed or Left-Handed.   $23.50

$ 23.50

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