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Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!

Image Title: Ron's Relief,
Ron's Relief, "Red Beard"


       We have it in stock, we'll ship it today!

 Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!    

We serve a large community of carving shows, Rendezvous, and opportunities for classes.


Orders are shipped by USPS  priority mail that will reach the customer in 2-3 days.  

Heavy items that require a surcharge may come by regular mail and take a bit longer.


Guarantee:  SIMPLE.  Your complete satisfaction or we will replace the item or refund the money, your option.  

Every item we sell  is something I have used myself  or that has been recommended by a carving friend.   







Clean Jokes: Chuckle while you carve

Wouldn't it be ironic if "Popeye's Chicken"  was being fried in Olive Oil?

Instead of a "DO  NOT  DISTURB"  sign I need a sign that says,  "I AM ALREADY DISTURBED.  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!"

"Dear Donovan,  I tried to come and get your tooth but there were so many toys on the floor that I fell.  I will come back tonight. 
Please be sure your room is clean so I don't hurt myself again. 
The Tooth Fairy


I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon.    I'll let you know.



Upcoming Events

Tri-Cities Artistry in Wood Juried Show and Sale Mar 14- Mar 15 :  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tri-Cities Artistry in Wood Juried Show and Sale
Kellogg and Metaline Streets in Kennewick, WA 99337.Cascade Carvers Supply will be there, Come See Us!

Juried Show and Sale.  Wood Turners.  Live Chain Saw Carving. 
Raffle with hourly drawings.  Demonstrations and classes.

For more information, call
Patrick Hamilton  509-430-3778,


Capitol Woodcarvers Show and Sale Apr 4- Apr 5 :  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Capitol Woodcarvers Show and Sale
Salem Center for 50+, 2615 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR

 Free entry!  Many tables of carvings, Sales!

Demonstrations. Raffle.  Auction.

People's Choice Awards

May 2- May 3 :  9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Montana State Wood Carving Show
Missoula MT 2537 3rd Street West 59804. "Orchard Homes Country Life Center"

Admission Price is $4.00



Contact Tom Collins  (406) 826-5595  ,


May 4- Mar 8
Montana Carving Corral

Check Out the "2020 Montana Carving Corral" .....look it up.

Six excellent Carvers available, who each offer a superb carving project.  

Study the brochure and choose your class.

Jul 13- Jul 17 :  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
NorthWest Carving Academy
Kittitas County Fairgrounds Event Center. Classes, BBQ, Carving Display, Gathering of Master Carving Instructors from the whole country, Ice Cream Social, Learn new skills and have a wonderful time!

 Come spend the week in one of the classes and leave your regular life for a bit. 

You will create a superb project, learn from some of the best instructors in the world and have all kinds of fun.

Register and get all the information at

Featured Product

 Driftwood Polish  Seashell polish, and rock polish too!
Available from

Driftwood Polish Seashell polish, and rock polish too! Available from "ARTS ADRIFT" in Lincoln City. 1797 SE 14th Street, Apt.5, Lincoln City, OR 97367 970-219-9972 CONTACT HER FOR THIS PRODUCT.

 This pie-shaped wedge is extremely hard. It actually "treats" the wood, compressing it as does an antler.

. Polishes anything, including rocks and seashells, with minimum effort. The more you rub, the more it shines.

Lorraine Goris is now offering this driftwood polish.  Her business is "Arts Adrift" and it is located in Lincoln City.

Contact her at 970-219-9972  or at  1797 SE 14th Street, Apt. #5, Lincoln City, OR  97367.

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