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Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!

Image Title: Ron's Relief,
Ron's Relief, "Red Beard"


       We have it in stock, we'll ship it today!

 Welcome to Cascade Carvers Supply!    

We serve a large community of carving shows, Rendezvous, and opportunities for classes.


Orders are shipped by USPS  priority mail that will reach the customer in 2-3 days.  

Heavy items that require a surcharge may come by regular mail and take a bit longer.


Guarantee:  SIMPLE.  Your complete satisfaction or we will replace the item or refund the money, your option.  

Every item we sell  is something I have used myself  or that has been recommended by a carving friend.   







Clean Jokes: Chuckle while you carve

Great (?)  Puns !  


Those who jump off a bridge in Paris......are in Seine.


Dijon vu - - - the same mustard as before.


Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.  


Practice safe eating - - - always use condiments.

Featured Product

Large Glass Eyes on a wire  OVERSTOCK

Large Glass Eyes on a wire OVERSTOCK

Someone will find a good project to use these Glass Eyes.    

They are 12 mm  and 14 mm.   Colors are Medium Brown,  and Flint. 
Flint eyes are clear glass around the pupil.  Paint the back of the glass any color to create your own eyes.

 Excellent for OWL carvings. 

Priced to please the artisan with a good idea to get these fine eyes into use!   

    $1.00 a dozen. 

   Shipping $3.00 for small quantities.   
Ordering on the this site will charge $8.45.  We will refund that when we mail the order, OR you can call 509-585-7787 to order with Ron.

    Touch the picture to get a larger view. 

$ 1.00

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