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Flexcut, Scalpel

95-1012   Flexcut Cutting Knife

95-1012 Flexcut Cutting Knife

$ 21.95

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95-1013   Flexcut Detail Knife

95-1013 Flexcut Detail Knife

$ 22.95

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95-1014  Flexcut Roughing Knife

95-1014 Flexcut Roughing Knife

$ 24.95

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95-1018   Flexcut Pelican Knife

95-1018 Flexcut Pelican Knife

$ 25.95

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95-1019   Flexcut Mini-Pelican Knife

95-1019 Flexcut Mini-Pelican Knife

$ 25.95

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95-1027   Flexcut Mini-Detail Knife

95-1027 Flexcut Mini-Detail Knife

$ 27.00

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95-1016   Flexcut 5

95-1016 Flexcut 5" Flexible Draw Knife Available by special order

H: What a great tool! Can be flexed to shave off either concave or convex shapes; scooping out bowls, chair bottoms, decoy bodies or rounding off a square block.

$ 49.50

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95-1028   Flexcut 3

95-1028 Flexcut 3" Draw Knife Available by special order

G: 3-inch Draw Knife was developed for fan carving, and also works great for skinning bark, and roughing off corners. Comes with leather blade guard.

$ 38.95

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95-1300   Whittler's Kit

95-1300 Whittler's Kit

Includes: Detail Knife & Mini-Pelican Knife. Razor-sharp edge allows greater control over each cut. Ergonomic handles allow carving over long periods without fatigue.

$ 44.00

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95-1500   3-Knife Starter Set

95-1500 3-Knife Starter Set

Includes Flexcut's three basic knives, the Detail, Cutting and Roughing Knives, and sharpening compound, w/ instructions for creating a strop.

$ 54.00

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95-1600   4 piece Beginner Palm and Knife Set

95-1600 4 piece Beginner Palm and Knife Set

Two palm tools, 1/4" 70 degree V and #6 sweep 5/16" Gouge, offer great cutting control and are perfect for many projects: walking sticks, caricatures, etc. Tow knives, Standard Detail and Heavy Cutting, accomplish the rest.

$ 69.00

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Flexcut Pocket Carving Knives:  Choose from three styles.
Flexcut Pocket Carving Knives:  Choose from three styles.

Flexcut Pocket Carving Knives: Choose from three styles. "A Complete Carving Kit in your Pocket!"

I: The Original " Pocket Jack" gives you a Detail blade, Straight Gouge, Hook Knife, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp, and a Chisel.  All Six tools with a locking mechanism to hold each one in place. Includes a leather pouch, sharpening instruction, a strop and compound.  
   Every knife needs sharpening after a half hour of carving.  Stop and Strop!  A sharp knife makes carving fun and successful.

Flexcut also created the "Pocket Jack."   It includes a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp and a Vee Scorp.  

The latest addition to Pocket Carving is the "Detail Jack."  It has a Detail Knife with a finer bevel than the usual pocket knife.  "Pistol Grip" lets you carve a long time with minimal hand fatigue.

Add a "sharpening card" that fits in your wallet. (see "Sharpening" under "Products)   Never put up with a dull blade.  


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