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In Praise of Optivisor : "There it is! I can see it now."

 Seniors have the wisdom to not sweat the small stuff, but we would like to be able to SEE the small stuff, isn't that so?

Optivisor provides subtly magnified vision to give older eyes a clear view of tiny print and tiny corners of any project. Here is my testimonial, from my own experience:

Recently I made an alteration to a new dress that was made of a fine knit fabric.  My first attempt was a mistake and made the dress hang crookedly. Now the challenge was to take out the teensy-tiny stitches I had sewn, without damaging the fabric.  No matter how I grimaced and squinted, I could not WILL my eyes to see that closely.  It was a bad moment, suggesting that I could no longer do the things I have always done, and wanted to still be able to do. 

My husband, Ron, is a wood carver.  You can see pieces of his work in the Gallery on this site.  When he is carving he often has that contraption on his head, his Optivisor.  So now I thought to myself,  "His eyes are even worse than mine, when it come to things that are very near."  So with a glimmer of hope, I went into the shop and grabbed the Optivisor off of its hook. 

I went back to the dress, adjusted the headpiece because my head is even bigger than Ron's, and pulled the lens down over my glasses.  Voila!  The teensy stitches were there, I could see them plainly, and I finished altering the dress with fine success.  It was an immense relief to me. 

The Optivisor is a well-made tool, easily adjustable, and comfortable to wear, even over one's glasses.  Its magnification is subtle and effective. 90% of people choose the #3 lens which has a focus distance of eleven inches, which is average from your eyes to work you are holding in your hands.  There are stronger lenses available, and they focus at shorter distance.  

If you are ever frustrated by the need to see small objects. now yhou know that for a very reasonable investment, there is a tool available to you so you can continue to be creative in all kinds of ways. 
Signed,  Linda


Coastal Carvers!

January 16-17, 2016:  COASTAL CARVERS  present their woodcarving show at Lincoln City, OR, at Chinook Winds Casino .
  Featured carver will be Jeff Harness.
Free seminars for Adults and Children, both days!  
The art in this show is world class.  If hoteliers and professional decorators ever found it, they would empty the show at these prices! 

Clean Jokes: Chuckle while you carve

UFO's  are taking over your shop!                              ...(UFinished  Objects)

They've begun to communicate, can you hear their calls?

"Sharpen your tools with your strop!

It's time to FINISH me, take me down from these walls!"


"Get your gouges, wood burner, paint brush and Foredom....

DETAIL me now to save yourself from Boredom!"


Free time has arrived, what a good surprise.

Your skills and plans will get some good exercise,

Corona19 panic is a blessing in disguise.


(And please call on us if you need any supplies! )   Ron and Linda,  Cascade Carvers Supply