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How to Make Sure Your Grinder Lives to a Ripe Old Age!


Cascade Carvers Supply is very pleased to offer the NSK electer GX high-speed grinder as part of our product line.  The NSK machines have proven their durability through twenty-plus years of use in the tool and die industry, and as a tool for woodcarvers...they're just WOW!  We are also offering the proven line of RAM machines.  They may not have all the patents of the NSK, but they are used by many happy carvers. 


Bring the speed down to idle and shut the machine off (use the center "off" position on the reversing switch) when changing rotation.  Imagine the load placed on bearings when they're smoking along at high RPM, then asked to stop immediately and change direction.  Seems like a no-brainer, no? 

Don't use a tool/burr that is bent or out of balance.  A bent tool/burr has the potential to become a missile when run at high speed, and why put your bearings at risk?  

Bent, or low cost Burrs of unknown quality have been known to become lodged in the collet, requiring repair of the tool. 

Keep the handpiece clean.  Get a can of compressed air, made for cleaning computer keyboards, and occasionally blow out the motor vents and nose cone vents and collet area to get rid of accumulated dust.  DO THIS WITH MOTOR RUNNING AT FULL SPEED.

Make sure the latch, twist or lever, for securing the burr is closed all the way before turning on the power.  If it isn't, you'll get a first hand look at how the circuit breaker works.  If the circuit breaker does trip, simply turn the power off, remedy the problem, and turn the power back on with the NSK, or press the Reset on the RAM. 

Do not apply lubricants to the tools. 

Learn to operate your grinder at a speed that produces the best result relative to the burr being used.  As a general rule, pink and blue stones use 25,000 RPM or less.  Rubies, medium for coarse and a bit higher for fine.  Diamonds can be used at high speed.